IMC choc mint latte 2

Organic The Best Coffee

Our own blend of beans, full organic coffee, at IMC Coffee Culver city.   We have created a process for making coffee, that focuses  beyond the coffee bean. Visit IMC Coffee  Shop Culver city, and try it for yourself.

To begin with, Fresh Roasted Green Coffee Beans.  We select these Coffee beans from high mountain regions in the world from shade grown  nutrient rich soil.   Hawaii,  Guatemala and Columbia etc.   The best of these beans are then roasted.  Several days resting then allows for  stuff from the cooking process to vent out. After a few days rest, we  then mix the beans from the regions of the world together to create IMC Coffee.   Next we grind the beans, and then combine it with an a water process that includes 7 stage reverse osmosis, but goes beyond RO.  To finish the process,  we  add  our own unique milk.  Put all the elements together,  Unique water, unique milk and fresh Coffee beans and you get IMC Coffee.

The result, a smooth latte every time! See the difference in the look, taste the difference in the Coffee.


For people who don’t want milk, Soy and Organic Almond are always and option at IMC Coffee. Coffee shop, Culver City,  rated LA’s best coffee. Try for yourself today.


Fresh Food


Food fresh and made to order.  Fresh  leaf lettuce,  fresh tomato. Honey Smoked Caramelized Ham,  Turkey, or Beef.  We use real Cheddar. Eat it all on Sour dough bread,  or your favorite bagel toasted, with mayo or  mustard.

Enjoy  with a  Coffee,  Sandwich,  Vegan Cookies.  Surf on the free Wi Fi. IMC Coffee offers,  Smoothies, Tea, Ice Coffee, and Blended drinks in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.


Organic Coffee Beans